Jelly Roll, rock

all the pieces seem to fall into their places

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"do you really have to pee in a girls mouth to make babies?"
Oh, I'm just trying to get by...

I always feel like I want to get out there!

I'm sick of taking classes that bore me. I just try to pass them by doing the bare minimum of work (papers, written homework, etc), but I definitely DO NOT read or keep up with the class materials. I just dont care enough. But I do need to get these requirements done with and start on my major. It sucks Dave and I couldn't take production this semester.

However, I've signed up for summer classes(1 month total): Photography and Fiction 1 Workshop. I'm actually excited. It's going to be fun, I might actually learn something.

I think I've got a severe case of CABIN FEVER. This winter is just not letting up and I'm disgusted.

Dude, Intervention is the best show ever! Dave and I watch it whenever we can, including OnDemand.


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