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So, Dave and I have been together for a year. It was around this time last march that I couldn't understand WHY we weren't a couple--yeah, we were "together" in a sense, and saw each other and hung out and had weekend-long sleepovers, but I refused to call him my boyfriend. I had been going through the whole "just broke up with long term boyfriend and too scared to get another one" syndrome, and figured we wouldnt get serious at all. I mostly thought that he was a rebound, and was in complete denial of my feelings. Months later, I couldn't take it and I wanted to be his girlfriend and asked him out before he asked me. Hah!
And I wouldn't have guessed we'd be sharing an apartment by now, but we are and it's so good.
Throughout the time I was so down and so depressed and hateful of myself, he raised my self esteem, he told me things I never believed when i heard them from anyone else. I trust him with all my soul, and I feel like if any two people are right for each other, it's us. It's mental, it's being able to make fun of cancer and not have to worry that he'll think it's rude. He is SO good to me and brings home candy bars or wind up chickens that lay bubblegum eggs, whichever is cooler. I look at him and melt into a puddle of goo because I don't understand how someone can be that cute and not exist as a cartoon. I love how good he is for my mind, how perfect it is when i wake up and the first thing i hear him say is "Iloveyousomuch" while I'm getting ready and he turns back over and goes to sleep. I love his curly hair. I've got to hold on to this one--hes a keeper

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