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all the pieces seem to fall into their places

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got a kitty, named it Pizza

obtained penny flames rough sex instructional video

finished the semester (technically last final on Sat)

put up some nice white lights which have improved my mood. winter drags me down a bit: less sunlight energy, cold air, lethargic feeling. But, it helps. And I am trying to fill some free time i have with exercise. Blah. I hate the monotony of traditional exercise--the same machines, same jogging and staring at the same thing, etc. It makes it very unappealing. I like the exercise of bopping around at a concert or playing manhunt in the streets of staten island, hahahah. I think that urban playground movement organizes large games of manhunt and flag...i want to go this summer if they have more.

Still havent gone christmas shopping. Ive had only a few days free this week :(

Woke up at 2 pm today. Felt like a waste, and had too many gory nightmares to enjoy it. Dammit!

Daves got the sims3, and im (re)addicted

I kind of want to leave new york!

Babysitting my niece tomorrow! I'm glad i get to see her, she was sick on her birthday so we didn't have an official "!st birthday". But i think theyre having one after new years so im excited for that

And I need to get to sleep but I won't be able to :(

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NATO takes over command of military operations in Libya

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Meanwhile, leaders of the 27 European Union states on Thursday issued a statement saying the EU stood ready to assist in building a new Libya "in cooperation with the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union and others."

MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)


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