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life sucks , this whole year sucked, everyone died or broke up with each other, the hurricane destroyed the wonderful rockaways, i have barely any motivation to shower, go grocery shopping, or pretend to be okay. A part of my soul was removed and i feel like ill never be happy again. 4 years and you just change your mind, decide that you arent in love anymore? fucking dick. every day my heart hurts, every day there is a sinking, sad feeling that dave wont be in my life ever again after we move apart. It makes me feel pathetic, desperate and needy. My dignity is nonexistent. "we'll always be best friends" are you serious with that shit? we were never JUST FRIENDS. we dated, banged, and fell in love ( at least, I did). It won't be possible for me, at least not for a great amount of time. So, be well aware that you will not see me at all after we move. you did this.

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward." -ee cummings


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